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About Us

Who we are!

Saorsa Services is a Female owned, small business proudly founded in 2023. “Saorsa” being a Scottish/Gaelic term meaning Freedom/ Liberty is a nod to both our ancestral heritage as well as our American Values and core beliefs.  Our founder Jennie, is a mother of 6 children and grandmother to 8, though she has loved and cared for countless children through her services in the foster care system.  Jennie has worked in several states managing Medical Offices giving her an unparalleled understanding of customer care, scheduling, problem solving, and organizing that gives Saorsa Services an Unparalleled Customer Service edge. 

Craving adventure, Tommy is a Harley rider, scuba diver, and pilot, who has white water rafted the headwaters of the AMAZON, the Urubamba River in Peru. 

Jennie, not so adventurous, enjoys cruising and traveling. From historical castles in Scotland to simply snorkeling the warm blue waters of the Bahamas, the calmer joys of life are right up her alley.